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Close more deals by working smart, not hard!

Empower your Sales team with our process-driven methodology, arming them with the ultimate toolkit of skills, processes and technology that is sure to leave tire tracks of closed deals.
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Navigating The Maze Inside Your Sales Box

“Sales reps spend only 36.6% of their time selling, with the rest dedicated to administrative tasks and unproductive activities." (Source: Salesforce)

Tasks that can be automated
Writing e-mails
Data entry
Prospecting leads

Without a structured process and the right tools, sales staff may end up playing a game of hide-and-seek with potential buyers, chasing their own tails, missing out on golden opportunities and serving up inconsistent outcomes on a silver platter.

If you find yourself nodding in agreement with any of these challenges, consider this your wake-up call that you're in dire need of our sales squad.


Have a clear sales process


Scaling revenue growth


Tracking sales activities & measuring effectiveness


Visualizing the sales pipeline


Automating counter productive sales tasks


Constant misalignments with Marketing

We Think Outside The Box... And Inside
The Sales Strategy

Get your Sales teams to focus on what they do best “Sell” and leave the rest to us.

Sales Process Mapping

Streamline your sales operations and boost performance by visually mapping out your process, pinpointing areas for enhanced efficiency.

Sales Automation

Revitalize your team's productivity, prioritize relationship-building and deal closure with Hubspot's sales automation tools, eliminating manual tasks.

Sales Playbooks & Sequences

Equip sales reps with strategic playbooks and sequences for effective prospect interactions, boosting consistency and effective sales outreach.

Revenue Forecasting

Increase your revenue potential through advanced forecasting techniques, enabling informed decisions and fueling business growth.

Training & Development

Provide your sales team with tailored training and professional development programs, igniting knowledge, skills and excellence in their roles.

Sales Data Analytics & Reporting

Leverage data-driven insights to optimize sales strategies and boost performance with Hubspot's robust analytics and reporting tools.

How We Whip Your Sales Processes into Shape



Step 1:
Ideate your goals and objectives for transformation


Step 1: Indepth understanding of your sales operations, processes & systems

Step 2: Identify bottlenecks and redundant activities

Step 3: Evaluate current sales technology stack and identify gaps



Step 1: Construct a 45-day action plan cycle

Step 2: Implement standardized processes and best practices across the sales organization

Step 3: Implement Hubspot Sales Hub to enhance productivity and effectiveness

Train & Enable

Step 1: Conduct training to increase skills & knowledge of the team on the new processes & tools

Step 2: Provide ongoing support and address any concerns or resistance to ensure successful implementation



Step 1: Establish a robust tracking and reporting system to monitor key sales performance metrics

Step 2: Customized Reports & Dashboards built to monitor progress