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We help Universities, Schools and EdTech companies in Dubai, UAE outgrow their competition, create great customer experiences and scale their enrollments.
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Build an Education Marketing Funnel Aligned with Your Student Journey  

As a top education marketing agency in Dubai, we create experiences that convert leads every step of the way. We understand that converting leads into enrollment for your university or school is the biggest challenge you face. This is where we bring in our expertise to get you results that you only dreamed of.

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Specializing in Student Enrollments, Not Just Leads

We don’t stop at just top-of-funnel acquisition.

In education marketing, it's not just about attracting students; it's about keeping them engaged. At Ubrik, we perfect conversion paths from initial interest to enrollment, ensuring every potential student's journey is seamless.

We conduct targeted strategies to advance prospects at every stage, enhancing enrollment rates and student lifetime value.

Ubrik doesn't just aim to increase your media spend; we focus on enhancing paid acquisition efficiency and building organic channels that deliver ultimate ROI year on year.

Grow Enrollments Now
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Client Results

We're an Education Marketing Agency with Results! 

Optimizing performance across marketing and admissions for a Dubai university.

Marketing Efficiency increased by 25% in the first year and dropped CAC by half resulting in higher enrollments. This was achieved through a comprehensive Sales & Marketing alignment on HubSpot CRM, optimizing ad platforms across campaigns, automated lead nurturing, creation of live reporting dashboards and more.


Return on Investment


Reduction in Marketing Spends


Increase in efficiency

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Education marketing tactics we Deploy


Enrollment-Focused Digital Ads


SEO for Education


Engaging Educational Content


Enrollment Rate Optimization


CRM for Education


Marketing Communication for Education


Student & Parents Experience


Tools & Technology for Education Marketing & Admissions  

Frequently asked

Challenges of Education Marketing for Universities in the UAE

Education marketing for Universities in the UAE faces unique challenges, including a highly competitive landscape and diverse student demographics. Hence, differentiating a university and creating a unique student experience that results in enrollment can be one of the daunting challenges for EduMarketers in the UAE. This is where Ubrik's approach leverages localized insights and data-driven strategies to effectively reach and engage potential students in a way that outperforms your competition.

Challenges of Education Marketing for Schools in the UAE

Schools in the UAE must navigate cultural diversity and rapid technological changes that present the biggest challenge to enrollment. Hyper-targeted communication with parents and creating experiences for students will make all the difference and ensure that your school stands out from the rest. Ubrik specializes in creating relatable content, digital campaigns, and unique experiences that resonate with both parents and students.

What makes marketing for Education Brands different?

Marketing for education brands requires a deep understanding of the education sector's nuances, including student journey mapping and parent engagement strategies. Ubrik's expertise ensures campaigns are both empathetic and effective resulting in enrollments.

What makes Ubrik one of the best Education Marketing Agency?

Ubrik stands out through its personalized, enrollment-oriented approach to education marketing, combining best practices, technology, and data with a deep understanding of the Middle Eastern education landscape to drive enrollment and engagement. We are a talented crew of go-getters serving the education industry for more than 15 years with an average LTV of 4+ years with every partner we work with. We help you develop marketing strategies that outperform the competition rather than outspend them.

How long does it take to see results with Ubrik's Education Marketing Campaign?

Results can vary based on goals and strategies; however, Ubrik typically begins to show measurable improvements in engagement and enrollments within the first few months of working together with our partners.


Hear it from
our partners.

Ubrik team went above and beyond to present several ideas over and above the brief we had given them.They also look beyond the scope of work on how to improve, everything within the system from admissions to alumni to recruitment.

Rania Itani
Head of Marketing & Business Development
The University of Manchester

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