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If Effective Lead Generation Power Your Business... We Give You Rocket Fuel

Transform your approach to acquiring new business with our strategic lead generation, designed to connect you with your ideal customers and drastically improve your conversion rates.
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Leverage Digital Paid and Organic channels for Lead Generation.

Attract More Customers with our Personalized Strategy

Ubrik's expertise in lead generation is rooted in our capacity to create engaging, personalized campaigns that connect with your target market. We optimize every step of the customer journey, from your lead magnet to precisely targeted PPC ads, to make sure it draws in, hold their interest, and generate leads.

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Data-Driven Lead Generation Process

Lead generation is all about quality and not quantity.

We not only get you leads but also bring in the ability to track them from first touch to close. This is perfect for you because your sales team can’t pass the buck anymore, and your marketing activities can be directly tied to revenue generation. It’s a win-win.

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Transforming Leads into Growth: 500% ROI for a Healthcare Brand in DXB

Combined intent-based advertising strategies with quality content to boost lead generation.

By using a data-driven approach we were able to optimise processes & campaigns and reach the target audience, leading to a significant increase in marketing-qualified leads, increase in customers and increase in REVENUE

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Frequently asked

What type of lead generation services does Ubrik offer?

Ubrik specializes in lead generation via digital campaigns. If you seek services for generating leads through phone calls or arranging meetings, Ubrik may not be the best fit for your needs.

How much will we have to spend on lead generation?

The cost of each lead generation campaign varies based on your goals, target market, and other factors. According to a HubSpot study, the average cost for B2B leads is approximately $200 per lead.

How is a lead generation campaign different to other campaigns on digital platforms?

A lead generation campaign differs from other digital campaigns primarily in its objective and messaging. The goal is to attract prospects who are interested in our services, and the messaging is tailored to assist them in making a decision

How long does Ubrik take to start a lead generation campaign?

Ubrik can launch a lead generation campaign within 2 days if all marketing assets, such as copy, creatives, and landing pages, are ready. If these assets need to be created by us, the campaign setup will take about 14 days