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who needs to increase ROI on Direct Marketing Channels?


in need of web development or other tech to grow your thriving business? 


in need of strategic consulting or creative design services for your business?

If so, keep reading...

At Ubrik Media, we take a different approach to digital marketing and web design.Our entire focus is on growing your business and making you more $$$.

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  • Execute marketing campaigns with surgical targeting to dramatically increase your leads and conversions.
  • Build sexy websites that search engines love, smartphones want to make babies with, and customers want to throw $$$ at.
  • Immerse ourselves in customer and market research to create a brand and content that knows your audience better than they know themselves.


  • Run your social media accounts, report on 'likes', and call it online marketing.
  • Make snoozefest websites that can’t keep your visitors' attention for 5 seconds, and sure as heck can’t convince them to buy.
  • Throw a bunch of colours and a ‘minimal’ logo together and call it 'branding'.

We are UBRIK.

Our promise to you

We will never confuse you with marketing jargon. You’ll understand exactly what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how it will benefit you.

We will say “no” if you ask us to do anything that won’t benefit you. Everything we do will grow your business either immediately or down the line.

We will treat you as if you’re our first customer, even if you’re #1000. You’ll never be just an account number with us.
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