New (Muslim) Summit is a two-day, one-of-a-kind conference in Dubai targeting converts to Islam. Ubrik was commissioned for web design, print and digital marketing collaterals. The first event was hosted in 2014 comprising three languages and 15 well known speakers. Initial Branding was generic and local with no targeting.


After an extremely successful opening, a second event was planned for 2015 with a specific focus. We proposed re-branding in order to create a unique new identity that appealed to the organizers as well as the audience.


Our focus points were higher production quality, building a cohesive brand that can be used repeatedly and storytelling that resonates with the target audience. Our breakthrough was proposing the event theme: “unshakeable faith” derived from the concepts of protection and strength. These were used to form the brand mark: “New (Muslim) Summit” i.e. “N(M)S.” The brackets indicate protection. The bold font, strength. The text-only form is significant. Islam’s concept of God is a transcendent being unlike any other. Thus, we refrained from using imagery. Purple signifies abundance and indicates God’s infinitude.

  • We also scaled the concept to develop a Social Media Campaign around this transformation
  • The storytelling elements were also integrated into print and digital collaterals (insert print design slides & Web slides)