Gourmet11 is UAEs first tableless online food experience, where chefs maestro the freshest seasonal ingredients, prioritizing local sources and rotating daily menu. The mobile-friendly, intuitive website would let the costumer place an order in 3-4 clicks, all under five minutes.


We were tasked to develop this end-to-end ecommerce and order-fulfilment solution to bring Gourmet11’s vision to life.

Mapping workflows

The journey of users being able to go from the home page to “order complete” in 3 steps, went through various stages before being a reality. We started with mapping the workflow.

User – Process Flow Diagram

Process Flow Diagram User-2

Admin – Process Flow Diagram

Process Flow Diagram Admin


Next we created the is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website. This help in defining the user experience without the design elements getting in the way.

Menu page
Referral page
Checkout page

Design & Development

At this stage we define the user interface and bind them into the previously created workflows. The skeletal frameworks go through the brand treatment and gets connected to the e-commerce engine.

Menu page
Referral page
Checkout page

The Delivery App

A mobile delivery app was developed to communicate between the kitchen HQ and delivery vans. The e-commerce engine talks to the delivery teams on the ground to co-ordinate and collect payments on the move.