The objective was to build relationships with potential international investors. DAMAC wanted to position itself as the top player in this space. “When people think about Middle-east & property investment, they should picture Damac in Dubai”.


People do not buy products – they buy a vision, a better version of themselves. Hence, the idea to ‘sell the destination to sell the property’. We aimed to establish DAMAC’s brand equity, by telling the story of life and opportunities in Dubai. This showed the potential international investor how DAMAC embodies the spirit of Dubai.

A separate highly visual microsite was created showcasing the all the perks of living in Dubai in 8 different languages.

Safe haven campaign language selection

Content on the website consisted of DTCM videos which highlighted lifestyle and business opportunities available to anyone living in Dubai.

Powerful Call-to-Action

Multiple call-to-actions (CTAs) are used through out the campaign landing page to increase the visit-to-lead conventions.

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Damac safehaven campaign CTAs
Landing page design layout with multiple CTAs

The Outcome

Branding and performance-driven campaigns were executed in 20+ markets which helped build DAMAC’s brand equity and generated 300% increase in number of leads than any previous marketing activity.