The Challenge

Possessing very little local flavour, Hyundai – UAE has been showcasing visuals from its principal page & other MENA based assets so far. This lack of originality has subsequently affected brand appeal & buzz, since audiences are genuinely interested to know what’s happening where they are located.


Having identified this void, Ubrik Media proposed to connect the brand with the UAE & it’s residents via impressive & inspirational visuals that call to action / engagement. Thus, Hyundai models would be presented through a new lens in a strategy that would excite targeted audiences who have not yet ventured to follow the brand.


This strategy shift has instantly gained recognition, ultimately boosting penetration and repositioning Hyundai amidst others in the ‘creative content’ space. Our trigger-happy team @ Ubrik ventured into the wide expanse of the country, conducting shoots across urban and remote landscapes creating fresh new visual appeal reviving engagement levels, positive comments & direct inquiries.